About Travel Adverts

Travel Adverts is based in Western Australia. We are a small company with a passion for travel. We run several successful classified adverting sites and a travel forum too. 

What makes us different to many of the other accommodation listing platforms? We don't charge a commission on every booking, just a small annual listing fee. This can save the accommodation provider a substantial amount of money and can result in lower accommodation costs for the customer too.

Our website is optimised and configured to respond quickly from anywhere in the world. To reach a global audience we use the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network, ensuring that our site loads fast and reliable anywhere in the world. Travel Adverts website is fully responsive too, it looks great on desktop PC's, tablets and mobile phones.

We try and be environmentally responsible, our servers are based in an eco friendly hosting centre, our office has solar panel installed on the roof too.

Good luck with your travel advertising and happy holidays!
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