Upper Mustang Trekking

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Aug 01, 2017
Upper Mustang Trekking
Isolated, untouched and very farther from the modern crowd, this is how Upper Mustang looks like. Annexed to the Nepalese territory on after 18th century, Upper Mustang, we call it as The Last Forbidden Kingdom. Before being a Nepalese territory, it used to be a part of Tibetan empire due to which this region is highly influenced by the Tibetan culture and language. Still hidden and forbidden from the outer world, Upper Mustang is a remote district in the Western part of Nepal.

This region is located in the Dhaulagiri region surrounded by high rocks and cliffs from most of the sides. Inhabited with only about 14,981 populations, this region is a homeland to Thakalis, Gurungs and primarily Tibetan mainly. And this region is a good source to know more about the Buddhist religion. The trial to Upper Mustang follows ancient salt caravan route which once used to be a major trade route to Tibet. As we already mentioned, it is isolated and forbidden region, the beauties and nature here are fresh and unspoiled. To be honest, Upper Mustang is not lesser than a paradise. Exploring the virgin lands with the enchanting views all around your eyes are what make it worth visiting. Silent, fresh and peaceful environment surrounding you will surely add the joy in visiting this beauty zone. You can have the closer view of the beautiful mountain peaks like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and other mountains peaks between the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range from here, and also you can enjoy the real Nepalese terrain.

Walking around the upper Mustang, you can see the settlement and lifestyles of native people, beautiful gompas where prayer flags play with the wind, and barley fields. The inhabitants have carved the high rocks and have made rooms in it where they keep the holy books and do meditation Last but not least, the best part of this region is that you can visit Upper Mustang even in rainy season as it is called rain shadowed region, where rainfall is very minimum.
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About the location
About the location
Upper Mustang is one of the Nepal's most beautiful and remote region where hundreds of ancient monasteries, centuries Buddhist cultures are still alive.
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